I would like to know if there is a way to write data to a text file from the HTML controls
in a website creation.
If so please explain how to go about it

Please explain your problem in a better manner. If there is a server side processing involved when interacting with the HTML control, then yes, you can write whatever data is present in the form (plus something totally unrelated) to a text file which would be created on your server. When writing data to client side, your options are limited to the use of cookies.

is it possible to develop a web project using php and javscript without having a knowledge on html because this is my first experience on web related projects as well on html

what is the basic things to learn to
develop a web related project using php and java script

Using just PHP and JavaScript, you would be limited on what you can do, your pages would be unformatted, lines of text. HTML is essentially a prerequisite to PHP and Javascript. PHP is a server-side language and will send plain text to the user and JavaScript, although a client-side scripting language, will not help much in formatting the page without HTML and CSS.

You should at least learn the basics of HTML before moving onto the other bits.

Take a look at http://www.w3schools.com/default.asp

if you dont mind, can send me some materials about html where i can really learn regarding to php and javascript

thanks a lot really it is very useful for me to learn more about java script but while we are using php how it possible to create a database with the help of php admin() it seems to very tough and there is lot of field to enter whether there is any ways to reduce the complexity in reducing in writting sql code without make use of php admin()

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