i am having 13 jsp pages.in the first page i have to select any one radio button and then i have to go to the next page,there also i have to click any one radio and then i have to go to the next page,likewise i have to go 13 jsp pages...if i am coming to the previous page ,already selected option must be click.for that i have to use session .....but i dont know how to use,bcoz i am new to this jsp......my team leader asking us to use session in same page...........

please help me immediately..........explain me with small examples...

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tell your team leader that you lied when you applied for the job, that you're incapable of doing the work assigned to you, and that you want to be fired on the spot and hope they won't sue you for fraud.


He does know the answer, but it's your job that depends on it, so you had better learn how. you should have known at least something about it before you started that job. And you're begging here for finished code is completely, and utterly, rude.

Use Google, there are more than enough examples out there.

Once you have something, give it a try, and if it still doesn't work, come back, post what you have, and we'll (including jwenting, because he is very good and professional, but doesn't mince words) be more than happy to help you correct it, but we are not going to do your work for you, that's your job.

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