At the time of login Redirect to one page particularly.In my site Users can view some of the pages without login.
My question is If i am in x page.At that page i want to use login page.After login I want to return that x page.But its constantly navigated to one particular page which specified in login button click.
whats the solution?

I would be glad to help you but can you say that in other words - didn't quite get it lol what do you mean you want to use login page? do you mean you want to navigate to the login page ?

If you are in x page.

set a querystring or hidden field if u wanna to go login page
for eg: login.aspx?page="X"

At that page you want to use login page.

in login page save the variable in hidden field ...

After login you want to return that x page.

if user logged successfully based on hidden field value you can redirect to particular x page

k.My one more doubt.I am using usercontrol for menu that means login.. account.. etc.At the usercontrol only i had given navigating url..Its common for all pages.At this time how can use querystring for particular page.Coz only one time using navigating url.Can u understand?

Coz only one time using navigating url.Can u understand?

for this
sorry i cant get u ....

i think u have to check session value before going to the secured pages .. if there is no session u can redirect the user to login page with querystring.. u can check session values in ascx controls too...

I am using usercontrol for menu.I specify the url in that ascx page.I am using only one control in entire site. How to specify querystring for particular page?
if each and every page has navigating url,easily specify querystring.

i think you have to write the code when login button click event fires... not in the ascx menu...