Basically i am having a big project, my idea is like this:
From a text file, i need to rename the .txt extension to .csv, so that i no need to split line by line. Then, from the excel file, i need to select several fields that i needed to use so that i can put the whole column of data into the Access file. Using ASP.NET, i will need to access the data from the .mdb files and display it to graph using dundas chart, all implemented automatically without any user input. My question is:
i. Is this method possible to be implemented? I just want to make sure it is possible.
ii. Is there any command to rename the extension in ASP.NET?
iii.I also use filesystemwatcher() as well to detect any newly created text file. However it is in module type. Several syntax i may need to know its equivalence to ASP.NET:

1.AddHandler Watcher.Created, New FileSystemEventHandler(AddressOf Watcher_Created)
            2.Console.WriteLine("Make changes to the " & DirectoryName & "directory.")

Thanks for the guidance.

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Why do you need the excel document if you are simply adding all this data to the database?

Do all your calculations in your code behind. it will be faster.

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