First of all here is how i created my SQL database and established a connection in visual studio 05. I go into the server explorer and right click on the data connections node and and select "create new SQL database". A window then prompts me for a server name and data base name. Under server name I write "localhost\SQLEXPRESS" and under data base name I put in whatever. This totally worked and the database was asigned the extension of .DBO

I can now insert, select and delete information with some simple ADO coding. The only problem is that using this method makes it seamingly impossible to FTP my database onto my host server. I am aware that I can create a data base in the APP folder by simply right clicking it and selecting " new database".

This would simplify the deploying process but I cant seem to establish a connection this way. Ive also noticed that when I use this method that it saves it as a .MDF instead of a .DBO. What is the difference? Why does my .DBO work but not my .MDF in my app folder? Im so confused over this issue that I am problably not even asking the right question. Bottom line is that I have a small web application with a .dbo that works wonderfully in my isolated visual studio environment and I need a solution to deploy it on the world wide web. Please help with any information I would be very thankfull.

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i have the same problem... can anyone help us..please.. deadline is fast approaching and i need an immediate resolution for my problem in my thesis.. i will greatly appreciate a friendly help from you guys..=)


I found the solution for establishing a connection to a .MDF in the app-data folder. Im not shure how to deploy it yet because I am still working on the website and have'nt approached this obstacale yet. Youre connection string needs to be altered in the Config file to establish a correct path to your database in the app-data folder. drop me a line if you need the code. Its a small modification.

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