Can anybody tell me why the Application_Start in global.asax in not firing under any conditions.Can any1 still tell me the conditions to fire it

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Hi there and welcome to DaniWeb. Have you deployed your application? If so did you deploy the global.asax file? If this doesn't help may I suggest you view this thread in another forum, I think the answer might be there:

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply. I will try this in other forums.

Did you find your answer at the link I gave ?

Sorry but it didn't helped me.The event is still not firing.

At last it worked.I made Application_Start to Application_OnStart and it worked.I forgot where from i got the advice.But never mind its ok.

Great! Glad you got it fixed!

I have webapplicaiton tht runs fine in local machine but while uplaoding on remote server application_start is not firing ...?

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