r CF MX 7 the CF admin setting for database queries timeout is set at 100. Because of this some of my queries timeout and give me back a timeout message.

I am trying to overwrite it in my cfquery working with Oracle 9i:

<cfquery datasource="cityOra" timeout="300" name="queryOne">
select * from mainTable

It still gives me timeout message after 100 seconds no matter what I have in the cfquery timeout. Please advise why this is not overriding the CF Admin and timeout or how I can override it?

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I think first of all you need to figure out why your queries are taking longer than 100 seconds. Unless your running a migration script, your queries should be much faster.

Is this the query you were trying to run, or are you using that as an example? If so, there's absolutely no good reason a simple select query should take that long.

Changing the timeout period is generally a bad idea, because it allows bad queries to run rampant on your server. It seems to me that there is something very wrong going on with your Oracle database. If you aren't the admin, you should contact whoever is and ask them to look into it.

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