Since no one is able to help me textfield validation in firefox.
I will start again from my roots and hopefully come up with a solution!

Now there are several ways of validating text fields using javascript.
I would like to know ALL of them and ill test which work for my problem.

So if you all could give small examples of restricting input to only text or numbers or any characters.

Then I can work from that and hopefully come up with a solution.

Thankyou, Regads X

you can go here

There are loads of other examples i just googled "restricting input to only text " and that is where i found the above link

I used regular expressions to prevent the user from entering non-numeric characters:

function checkNumeric(entry)
        var numeric = /^[0-9]*$/; 
        if (!numeric.test(entry.value)) 
               document.getElementById('errorText').style.display = '';
                    document.getElementById('errorText').style.display = 'none';
        entry.value = entry.value.replace(/[^0-9]/g,"");