i just developed an ASP.NET web application and i would like to know how to create an .Exe File of the solution so that I can run it on any other computer which doesnt have VIsual studio installed. Please help. :-|

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ASP.NET Applications are run via IIS. What you're asking makes no sense. If you mean, you'd like to migrate the application to a different IIS web server, then search for "ASP.NET deployment".

It makes sense just fine, she is just using the wrong word. She means dll. what you are looking for is in the bin subdirectory. All you need is to put the all non-codebehind pages(*.aspx, global.asax, etc) in the folder on the new server. You don't need the code behind pages(*.cs), but if in doubt, copy them all, they won't hurt anything being there. Then, create a subdirectory called bin and copy the contents of the bin (especially the dll,) directory from the development server to the new one.

Generic example:
You created the standar webapplication1 using VS and have just the standard webform1.aspx.

Copy webform1.aspx, web.config, global.asax into the virtual directory on the new server.
Copy the bin folder and paste it into the virtual directory on the new server.
Open IIS (start->run->inetmgr) on the new server
right click on the new virtual directory and hit properties.
In the application section hit the button that says create.
Then click on the documents tab and make sure your start page (default.aspx or whatever you called is listed in that box.
Hit ok and close out of IIS.

Voila, you are done

In the directory you will have the bin folder, the

There is no need in doing all of that manually. Visual Studio has built-in deployment methods and wizards.

which are probably a lot more difficult to do than just doing it manually the way I described, which takes all of about 1 minute.

Not so. If you don't want to use the simple click-through wizard built-in to Visual Studio.NET, and would prefer to deploy your ASP.NET Applications through the command-line, then Microsoft recommends using the XCOPY method, as discussed here:


thanks guys......i will try both methods!!! :cool:

hell it took me longer just to find the deployment wizard than it did to do it my way. As for the command line instructions, they do the same thing that I did. actually, I would probably just create a batch file with those command line instructions in it and use it whenever I wanted to put out updates

A batch file is a great idea. The thing with XCOPY, is that it preserves permissions and other attribute flags. A simple "copy" may not.

Can anybody help that how to create .exe file in asp.net with c#.

With out instal the .net software, is it possible to run web aplication developt through APS.net .

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