I noticed that there are many threads on forum regarding this issue/error but I still couldnt find solution for my problem, so I am sorry, I had to make new thread, i just cant find right solution.

Here is the problem, whenever I open this page on my site ( http://www.centralni-servis.co.ba/test2.php ) I receive next error message:

"Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in http://www.centralni-servis.co.ba/shop/index.php on line 1"

This is beginig of the code in index.php :

* Quick.Cart by OpenSolution.org
* www.opensolution.org
extract( $_GET );
session_start( );

if( !isset( $_SESSION['iCustomer'] ) )
  $_SESSION['iCustomer'] = time( ).rand( 100, 999 );

define( 'CUSTOMER_PAGE', true );

As you can see first line of code is "<?php" and I am little confused whats problem??:(

Any help is appreciated.


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