Hi. im a beginner in php, following is my site http://www.peipians.com/
i want you people to check it help me by suggesting any modifications... plzzzz :)

I'm not sure if you meant aesthetically or not but I would take your header and footer, and make them repeat so that they take up all of the width of the page. It's quite easy to do with yours since it's 2D graphics. After that I'd centre the content.

That'll make it look best with all monitors because currently in mine (1280x1024) It's sort of in the top left corner of my screen, not dominating the page.

EDIT: Your product links are broken, they all take me to the same page:

Thanks for such a quick reply, and im happy that you checked my site :)

As I am beginner i cant completely get what you said,
you mean that it is better to place the header and footer in all pages?
(i thought that it'll save time for loading pages as, atleast header and footer are common to all pages)

Is aligning done by placing the whole content into a table and making it align and valign to center/middle?

Also i'll rectify the boken links.:)

i want to learn content management system? which is easy for beginner?

sorry if my reply is too silly:)

By repeating the header and footer, I meant that you should make their DIV tags width: 100% and use the CSS command repeat so that it would take up the whole size of the users screen, does that make more sense?


div.header {
background-image: url(header-bg.gif);
background-repeat: repeat-x;

The alignment is done by placing the whole content in a div tag called something, and that in the CSS you say

div.something {
margin: 0 auto;

As for content management systems, I'm not too sure if I'm the right person to ask, I'm currently trying to make myself one so hopefully another member can help you!


Joomla would be great for beginners.Check it out!