Hello everybody,

In the faculty we are told, to develop a project for Faculty Library with more functionalities and facilities.
Who roles:
Faculty Students
Others faculty students

has different Access level

Store Book Information
Store Users Information
Store information on lending books
Achieve information on returned books

Same for edition, deletions, and searching

Nice GUI


Online Reservation
Advanced Search

CAN anyone guide me through same library project, or examples ??? JUST to get the idea ...

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Nice GUI in PHP ? are you sure ?

By Nice GUI, means that it should be attractive, and simple, usable for users ...

If anyone has Book Library Example, please post here, if possible ...

I have made like this one before.We use visual basic for the system and use php for the online reservation.

Thanks for the replying.
Actually I did in VB and MS Access too, But here I need the PHP examples Book Library, and through that I could manage better what to do.

hey..... i'll send the whole project code via the mail. send ur id......

hey..... i'll send the whole project code via the mail. send ur id......

I sent my mail in private message ... BUT still I did not received any

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