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Apache Tomcat FAQ plus learn from Java EE 5 Tutorial

  • Local server - create new folder in webapps folder under you instalation of tomcat, there you store your html & jsp. Plus you should provide WEB-INF folder with web.xml document for start. This can be extended futher but it is up to you to discover it
  • Online server - copy and paste content of your current project into server.

PLZ HELP ...i need a complete code in JSP and JAVASCRIPT which will list all the files of a folder...

for example ..if in folder C:\BOOKS..there are 5 file namely file 1 ,file2, file 3, file 4, file 5..then it list all the file in a page nd linked it so that i can view it

plzz i neeed uit s soon...plzz help me.....


By putting them in correct directory! This is TOMCAT_INSTALATION-PATH/webapps/YOU_PROJECT_FOLDER Follow the links in my previous post and for god love use proper english

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