Hello everybody,
Please help me. very urgent.
I am a Junior developer.

My problem is,
In my site there are number of users. There have entered for space,domain registration ,etc...
what is i want is. After one year the Domain Registration was expired.
Before one month of expiry date a mail was sent automatically.
Through coding in asp is it possible. How?

Yes it is possible in ASP.

You will need to schedule a asp page on windows and in that page you can check your condition. This page will run everyday on a specific time on server.

Hope this will help you.

Hello vicky_rawat,
Thanks for ur reply. I can write an asp file and convert it into .vbs file and then using task scheduling i can run it.
But I want the solution of without scheduling and windows services.I can run the program daily.
Because somebody tells that it is the worst case if we can't find the solution.
Sorry if any mistakes in my reply
Thanks once again.

I hope that you have a database and the expiry dates are stored in a table.
Then if you can run the page everyday, you can write a logic in asp page to check for the expiry date.
The page will send mails for whome expiry date is 1 month later.

I don't understand, what actually do you need, as This is the logic.
Are you asking for the code.

Sending e-mail with CDOSYS :-)

Set myMail=CreateObject("CDO.Message")
myMail.Subject="Sending email with CDO"
myMail.HTMLBody = "<h1>This is a message.</h1>" 
set myMail=nothing

Hello vicky_rawat,
Sorry For the Late. At finally i have solve my problem using scheduling. Thanks for your reply.
I have also sending another solution which is helpful to anyone.
First create a table with two fields : flag,date(the runned date).
In asp page we can check is the mails are sent or not in the previous day. If not sent then we can repeat the code to sent mails in the not sending dates.
Then as regular code is running of the present day.
It is useful 'if in any particular day the mails or not sent'.
Thanks to tomer1.
Once again thanks to vicky_rawat.
If any mistakes in my mail please warn me and please forgive me.