Hello, Not sure I'm in the right place for this question, so apologies if I am not. Also, please note I am not a Coldfusion programmer, but rather the office administrator and user of a company website that is built using Coldfusion.
Our company uses Mac computers exclusively. Most of our workers use Safari as a browser, although some have navigated to Firefox.
Recently, our web programmer added hierarchical security to our company website, so that before we actually get to the admin page of the site, we get a pop up dialog asking for the first set of user name and password. Upon entering that, the admin page comes up and we have to enter the 2nd set of user name and password.
We have subcontractors who work from home, and none have problems. They get the first password dialog, and then the 2nd, no problems. However, in our office, where there is a local area network and of course a firewall, here's what happens. Upon entering the address for the admin site, the admin page comes up, and when the user enters the user name and password, the pop up comes up (which should come up first). They enter the info, then the admim page comes back up, and they have to enter the info again. Then the pop up comes up again, but if you enter info, it loops. If you enter cancel, the site lets you in. To complicate matters, if a worker who normally works from home comes into the office and hooks up to the dsl with a laptop, the above routine (looping?) happens, only it's 10 times worse, with the user having to go back and forth between user name/password requests sometimes as many as twenty or more times. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. Knowing nothing about Coldfusion, but looking at the obvious, the difference seems to be the firewall/and or LAN. Again, if I"m in the wrong the place, I apologize. Our web programmer knows nothing about Macs and continues to say this is a "Mac browser" issue, but I tend to disagree since we do not have these issues with the "at-home" workers. I more than appreciate any help that anyone can offer. Thanks very much!

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Not being able to see the code, I don't have any concrete solutions, but it may be an issue with cookies. If you are able to cancel the second login screen and still get it, that leads me to believe that the authentication page may not be seeing the cookies correctly. I suppose it's possible that it's a mac issue, but I would recommend looking at the cookies first.

If you have a user with Firefox, please have your web programmer install a Firefox addon called WebDeveloper. This will let him get detailed information about the cookies and even set his own for testing. Then he might be able to narrow down the problem.

Sorry I can't be more help.

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