hi all,

i have an html page with a link to a folder that is located on my server the problem is that when i click on that link i want to save the folder directly into a static location (c:\gv-prj\folderName) on the local pc of the user directly without the pop up window of save-as.

i will appreciate it if someone could help


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I'm not sure if that is possible. If this is supposed to work as update mechanism for some application stored in that folder, you better to come with automated update solution so application compare list of files with server side and download any new one


it's not about updates its about downloading fonts and the problem is that user doesn't know where to save them and he cannot work without them that's why i wana make it easy on him and save them automatically


of course it's not going to work. And a good thing it is. The security risks would be tremendous if it were otherwise.


first of all thanks guys for the posts :) as for the problem i am not concerned about the security because its an internal application its not going live. but i am sure that there is a way because logically, correct me if i am wrong, its like copy pasting a file from location to location but of course much harder :)


You can't, period.
What you MIGHT be able to do (but not with a properly configured webserver) is to generate (using a servlet) a list of files that can be downloaded, and another servlet that gets those files from the filesystem and sends them to the client.

Far better to enable scp.

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