I am using cfexchangemail and it works fine with an email sent from bb or windows but when ever someone sends an email from a mac (entourage) the email id (UID) has special characters and cannot download the attachments.

I get this message:

Error processing the Exchange request.

This error an indicates internal error caused by invalid syntax of the Exchange request."

Any ideas or suggestions?

By the way if I display the UID without using HTMLEditFormat it does not show up.

<cfset htmlEmailID = #HTMLEditFormat(ib.UID)#>
<cfexchangemail action="getAttachments" connection="conn1" folder="Inbox" uid="#htmlEmailID#" name="attachData" attachmentPath="#attachPath#" generateUniqueFilenames="false">

I'm sorry. I'd love to help you with that but I've never used cfexchangemail. Do you know what the special characters are? If so, perhaps you could strip them from the UID before you pass it to the cfexchangemail tag.

Other than that, I really don't have any ideas.