and its says

Not Found

The requested URL /mrtg/mrtgdata/web/index.asp was not found on this server.

but i have an apache server( httpd)

thx in advance!

check where your DOCUMENT_ROOT is located in httpd.conf. I would suggest creating a file called phpinfo.php, and write the following text:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

into that file. Put this file into your DOCUMENT_ROOT, and then view it from your browser as
If it works, then you can test the asp script by placing it in the specified DOCUMENT_ROOT. However, to make the asp really work in linux, you need to check out

i got the httpd.conf but I dont have an asp.conf in my /etc/httpd/conf directory in the httpd.conf but i installed the perl-Apache-ASP, also the perl_mod... I can't seem to get the server to run ASP pages Is there a step by step process somewhere that i can use to see what I am doing wrong?