I am new to PHP and need some help regarding some issues which I am facing in development of the contact form. Please look at the diagram at http://www.Photo-Host.org/view/392565untitled-1.gif [IMG]http://www.Photo-Host.org/view/392565untitled-1.gif[/IMG] for the exact problem which I am facing. I have tried header() for that issue but it didn’t worked maybe I haven’t used it correctly. I think that could be done by using if and elseif. That’s what I think; I will be grateful to you for any solution about that problem. following is the link to the code:

http://pastebin.ca/208265Thanks in advance

i cant get to that image, can you explain any errors you are getting? how about relevant code?

Thanks for reply; I am using the single page PHP contact form, which is working all the stuff. I am not using any other page to redirect user, I have to forwarded person within that page. Because I have to set the script to clear all form fields in the first stage “form” from “thank you page” while “data post” will send the data to my email address trough another PHP page. I know it sounds bit complicated but that’s the way I am trying to do it. That email is working over SMTP and HTML mime-based system.

Is it better to use $_request instead of $_POST or $_GET? Since it does what $_POST and $_GET do anyway. Is there a drawback to using it?

Is there a function in PHP that's similar to CFHTTP? I need to read the contents of one of our sites.

IMHO, it is not good practice to use $_REQUEST. If you do not know what type of form you created or what method used in the url you are opening yourself up to a world of hurt. Also, it is good practice to validate all input coming into your site, this should guard against cross site scripting and sql injection. If you need more info on these topics, google arround for XSS, SQL injection, and validate/escape data.