Hello everyone,

I have the following problem and was wondering if I could do this with JSP.
basically have table with two columns one column willretrieve data(names) from database

in the form of textfields.
Upon getting data within the textfields I want it to transfer data from textbox to another textbox(second column) with clicking n button,in between
Is it possible to do this with JSP ?
If yes , how ?

Thanks for your help.



That will in a large way depend on how your web page i.e. JSP is structured. The most simple way would be to set the value of the second column as per the value of the first column fields retrieved when the form is submitted as soon as the >> button is clicked. If you are using JSTL , you can use ${param.firstColumnName} to grab hold of the value of first column first row and use it to set the value of first row and second column.

If the usage of client side scripting is not a problem, this can be in a very simple way done using JavaScript.