Hi I'm using the 2 pieces of code typed below to set the character set to utf8 (so that I can output russian characters on page, and then to output it on web pages. I have tried to set the character set to utf8 so that russian characters appear properly but I still see russian characters as ?????.

First piece of code that i have used to set the character set to utf8 so that russian language characters appear properly on page.

if (function_exists('mysql_set_charset') === false) {
function mysql_set_charset('utf8', $link = null)
if ($link == null) {
return mysql_query('SET CHARACTER SET utf8');
} else {
return mysql_query('SET CHARACTER SET utf8', $link);

and this is how I have used the function above in my coding. $lang_cat_title_table=mysql_set_charset('utf8') Is there something wrong in this code..??

If you know any other way to retrieve russian character from database please share your trick,that would be helpful,Thanks

Revise your mysql database properties is set to utf8 and utf8_bin collation, then take a look at the table structure if it is utf8 and utf8_general_ci collation is selected too.

Finally, inside the html layout, the meta 'content-type' must be stand as utf-8 charset to handle these characters.