Hi Guys,

I am Implementing a site which provides Files for Download afte they are purchased online.

The files for download need to be accessable to download manager after only the user logs in.
and also the file download url should be active for only a specified period say(7 days).

The functionalaty i need is similar to that provided by RapidShare.com, MegaUpload.com etc,

I am using IIS 6.0 and ASP.NET for development and also the implementation has DMZ architecture. i.e., The web Server is in the DMZ and the files and the Database are in the Secure private LAN.

I have no clue how to do it , I would be happy to recive any help about the same...

the regular asp.net forms authentication and authorization will do the required thing for you. enable membership in your website, put the download files in a directory and create a web.config file in that directory setting the folder access rules under the authorization section. For the links to become active or inactive you can also enable roles and use that with the membership. If you dont have a clue about what i am telling just search the google with the keywords : asp.net membership and roles, asp.net authorization and authentication. this are the issues you gotta learn.

Well i have tried the Integrated Authentication mechanism but the thing is,

When I pause the download and try Resume it using Download Manager i am not able to resume Downloads!!! the file sizes are in GB's

how does resuming relate to your problem you post in your thread? i think resuming is a different issue

The Major issue in my project is to enable users to use Download Managers to Download the files and also secure the files.

But when I enabled Integrated Authentication and tried Downloding Files the following happened
1. I was prompted for My windows credentials by the Download Manager,
Here i was able to start the download after the credentials were entered.
2. I pause the download to later resume it(testing).
Now I was again promted to enter my Credential which is ok, but here I am not able to resume the download after giving the credentials.

The objective of my project is that the Site i am developing is an E-Commerce site where in they Sell Intelectual Property which can be Downloaded upon purchase, These files are Highly confidential so need Good Protection mechanism , also these files are big 1GB to 7GB , So the User who purchased the files should be able to perform a multisession download but in a allocated period (***This is to prevent the file URL becoming public i.e., Absolute URL Path must not be reveled).

So here is where i am banging my head because it involves bit of programming and Administraton

I would be happy to provide further clarification for help...