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I used the Virtualmart modules in joomla for shopping cart.and when user purchase some Items from there then one email generate for user but no any mail for admin to know how many items are purchased and by whom it's purchased. so, plz help me how can i get mail for admin with this modules?

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Go into the script and add your email address to the mail functions to property.

Lookup the PHP function to send mail. Use the data in the MySQL database from that user and in the body use variables that will have the value of whom it purchased. When it is sent update the purchases field for that user to increment. Also, maybe have that entry sent to a log table, so when it is successfully sent it will enter some data about the purchase to that table and have in the administrator page a place to view the entries. Also, to warn the user about two purchases of the same , have a mysql query that checks for duplicate purchases.

You have to insert all variables like what his order number,items form products table,amount,date into one table like order_user_details before mailing them to customer.At the admin side you can see who ordered for what,and also the status of order....

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Thanks for give me answers. i got the solution from ur ans.

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