I am a programmer with not more than 2 months experience and facing a very difficult chellange.
I want to read an online page in my aspx page to get the data on that page.
is it possible to read a page not developed by me.

Any one can help me,

There are a few methods by which this can be down. You can control a web broswer control if you are using a windows based application. If it's a web app, it's a little more difficult, but you can create a http request and read the stream back.

The examples of how to do this are quite long. Use google a little to get it going, then when you get stuck, I'll help you out.

Hi, Ericstenson
Thank you for you reply,
I got the logic and performed http request and read the data in stream, and showed that on a label.
NOw is the real challenge i want to find some data in that stream and store that in a data set .

Here is the code I used to read the page.

Dim strUrl As String = ""
Dim strPostData As String = ""
Dim strResult As String = ""
Dim wbrq As HttpWebRequest
Dim wbrs As HttpWebResponse
Dim sw As StreamWriter
Dim sr As StreamReader

'Create web request
wbrq = WebRequest.Create(strUrl)
wbrq.Method = "GET"

'Read returned data
wbrs = wbrq.GetResponse
sr = New StreamReader(wbrs.GetResponseStream)
strResult = sr.ReadToEnd.Trim
lblResult.Text = strResult

I read the page

you can visit this page i will help you to understand the problem.
now i want to get data from this stream in a dataset such i want to get the "Win-draw-Win" "Draw No Bet' and similar all bet data in dataset how to do so.
I hope you will help me.