can someone help me with this problem;

i want to be able to feed a value from a dropdown list A as a condition for items in dropdown list B. both dropdown list are in the same form. the values for both dropdown list are extracted from my mysql database.

i've tried to refreshing the page with javascript with this

function update(theForm){
location.href = location + "?Category=" + theForm.CategoryName.value }

this works fine if i only click once on dropdown list A but the if i happen to click again from dropdown list A, then the link would be something like "http://localhost/product.php?Category=food?Category=drink"

how to i replace the category argument value?

thanks in advance

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Feeding a value in a dropdown list to another dropdown list

I know it's 8 years too late if you have solve this issue that you are having.

I'm not sure why noone help you with this. I think it's much easier using all PHP code than rather having javascript. You can used session to refresh the page.