I have developed a website using php with a mysql database running on an Apache 2.2.8 server on a Windows machine running XP Professional. I now want to make this website available on the WWW using my own machine as the host server.

Can anyone point me to the resources/literature I would need to familiarize myself with to make this happen?


Sheridan :o(

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If you want a domain name so it resolves to your ip address then you will need to buy a domain name. You also need to configure your router to accept connections etc.

One thing you may need is a dynamic DNS provider.

After registering one of these services, would be necessary to install an updater software to modify the DNS record automatically when the dynamic IP changes. If you have a router, check on the configuration page if there are a DDNS section to set up your dynamic DNS configuration and make the update automatically from there.

There are several free dynamic DNS providers and updater clients for any OS, only lack free support for CNAME option (that is fully available through commercial packages, this is required if you want to use virtual hosts, a.k.a. site1.mydomain.ath.cx).

So, this is a common issue when you want host a website or setup a development/testing server from home.

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