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I'm probably just blind or something, but IE7 just stopped letting a popup I've written in javascript from opening in a (duh!) popup window. Instead, it's loading in the same tab as the link was called from. That violates the tab settings I have established to pretty much open everything in a new tab. Also, although the popup blocker is enabled, this IS NOT an auto popup. In other words, you have to click a link to open this popup. It's not spam. Still, the originating site has been added to the popup exceptions list in IE7.

This popup works fine in Firefox 3.

The only recent change was to increase the window dimensions, and the addition of a "location=1" parameter because I need the address bar displayed. Changing those back does not get IE7 to pop this thing up as before.

Here's the open statement. Anyone see the problem?"", "Girls Rock Radio MiniSite", "height=330,width=640,location=1"); Any ideas about how to better handle a popup like this are also welcome.


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Not so stupid at all, Troy - that worked.
Thank you !!!

In noticing that you replaced spaces with underscores, I came to realize that I was apparently under a misconception about that parameter. I *thought* it was for a window title, but now see that it's for a window "name" to be used as a reference in code rather than display on the browser window. Interesting that it had been working, though.

Learned something.


You're wellcome. Thanks for additional info in your repply.


Thank you for this post!!!! the underscores in the second argument worked fabulously.