hi there, could someone please recommend a good book on PHP (i am new to php). I would like said book to cover how apache/mysql/php and drupal work together, and also some eamples of php in action. many thanks.

Here is a decent Drupal book http://www.amazon.com/Pro-Drupal-Development-John-VanDyk/dp/1590597559 however, you might want to pick up an introductory PHP book such as this http://www.amazon.com/Programming-PHP-Rasmus-Lerdorf/dp/0596006810/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1198104311&sr=1-2 As for the second book I love O'Reilly published books they are generally extremely easy to understand while still being very comprehensive.

thanks again Shawncplus, I agree with your comments about o'reilly books, i have a few mysef ( c# and java books) they are very good publishers. cheers for the links I'll check them out.

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