Hello, I would like some tips on setting up formmail.pl. Currently I get an error

Error: Bad Recipient
One of the recipients of the information on this form is not a customer of pair Networks or is not currently configured as a valid recipient. Sorry.

which is good because it means that the script works.

The way to deal with this problem (as mentioned in the instructions of my webhost server):

If you wish to authorize the external e-mail address to be able to receive the form submissions, you will need to add the e-mail address to a file called .formmail. This file needs to be placed into your home directory on the server: /usr/home/USERNAME

The problem here is that I have not permissions to write in /usr/home/, the folder I have full control over is only /usr/www/users/MYUSERNAME

What should I do? :-/

Thank you for your time. :icon_wink:

Sorry guys, I just found that I actually do have access to /usr/home/MYUSERNAME.

The script works fine now but I still get no emails.... :-(

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