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I'd like to have a script run automatically each day that removes a day from a table with a column called "day" but only if an entire day has passed since the entry of the relevant row.

Can someone perhaps suggest the best way of doing this?

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I've manage to figure something out related to subtracting days.

Is there any known method of automatically running a script once a day?


If you are using linux, you can use cron jobs. I don't have much knowledge on it, so you better do some research on the same ;)


Cron can be set to run any Perl or PHP script and basically any command that can be run from a command line. It allows you to run commands and scripts at a certain time and date that you can set in a "crontab". You can create a crontab in Plesk Reloaded and in Cpanel (Xskin) using the online control panels. In order to get started with cron, you must have a server that is currently running cron. Your host will also be able to tell you where you are able to setup crontabs -- whether it's from a web based control panel, or through a telnet terminal window.

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