Hi there

I'd like to have a script run automatically each day that removes a day from a table with a column called "day" but only if an entire day has passed since the entry of the relevant row.

Can someone perhaps suggest the best way of doing this?

I've manage to figure something out related to subtracting days.

Is there any known method of automatically running a script once a day?

If you are using linux, you can use cron jobs. I don't have much knowledge on it, so you better do some research on the same ;)

Cron can be set to run any Perl or PHP script and basically any command that can be run from a command line. It allows you to run commands and scripts at a certain time and date that you can set in a "crontab". You can create a crontab in Plesk Reloaded and in Cpanel (Xskin) using the online control panels. In order to get started with cron, you must have a server that is currently running cron. Your host will also be able to tell you where you are able to setup crontabs -- whether it's from a web based control panel, or through a telnet terminal window.