Hi, I was wondering if anyone has the solution to this. Let's say I have a dropdownlist. And if a particular value of that dropdownlist is selected, I display a textbox. So I set the dropdownlist to cause a postback event, and on the pageload (when postback), i check to see if the dropdownlist.selectedvalue = whatever. I am currently maintaining the scroll position of the user's browser. Here's the thing: it's annoying to use, because the entire page refereshes.

Is it possible to have a more fluid webpage that doesn't "blink" on postback?


put your page area that is to be refreshed in an update panel, this will prevent the page from blinking.

Actually, I am already using panels... and it still blinks.

are you confused between asp:panel and asp:updatepanel?

Yes, I am! :)
Is there no dran-n-drop control for an update panel? Can I just rename the <asp:panel> with <asp:updatepanel> ?

hmm... when I repace asp:panel with asp:updatepanel it sends back an error: Unknown server tag 'asp:UpdatePanel'

do you use visual studio 2005? Create an ajax enabled website, else you cant have asp:update panel

Thanks! I decided to go to Visual Studio 2008, and WOW! I really like that dev environment.