HI friends i am interested in finding out what will be the code for my problem if any one finds it plz help me out.

whwn i click a component and place it on my webform in the property window it says as component1.text (for example whwn considering a textbox it displays as textbox1.text) after placing it.and whwn i place a textbox again it says as textbox2.text .

do anyone know how it is done.

if you know please mail.

It is doing what its supposed to do.
if you drag a textbox from the toolbox onto your web page, the property page displays its id as textbox1. If you do not change it and add another textbox it would be named as textbox2.

All you need to do is to change the name in the property page for each of the text boxes.
if the first text box is meant to host "user surnnames" just change the textbox1 to "txtsurname"

I hope it is clear.

I understand it but how the name is automatically changed to textbox2.text when i click and place in my form i need the coding can u help me in that