Hey Guys,

I was hoping someone could tell me how to run server side code to process a file?

Basically, I want users to upload a file to my site, and once the file is uploaded, I want server side code (I'm thinking PHP) to process the file. Also, I want this code to run even if the user naviagtes away from the page. Can anyone point me to some links that would show me how to do this?

Also, any links on working with .xls files in PHP would be greatly appreciated also.

Thanks for any help!


The solution here is going to solve this issue but may not be good for SEO.

You can use it only for the upload page and user specific pages don't need SEO on the other hand.

Here we go.

Create 2 frames.
You need a small frame for the upload box and a bigger one for page content.

Therefore when the user uploads a file he/she
can continue browsing your site and the upload won't be stopped.

Hope this helps.


sorry, its not the upload im worried about. its after the upload. once a file is uploaded, i want the file to undergo some processing. thing is, i dont want the usert to have to wait for the file to be processed, i want the processing to happen server side, totally independent of the user's actions. does that make sense?

My solution still could help.