i want to solve thi assignment ....so if any one can help me with it i 'll really appreciate it.

Your group decided to play a game called rhyme. The game is simple; all of your friends must be in a circle and say the rhyme in clockwise turn. The person who says the last rhyme will be eliminated. Then start all over again at the next turn until one person is left.

For example, 6 friends with 4 words rhyme “eenie, meenie, mainee, mo”:

The first person leave is number 4, followed by 2 then 1, 3 and 6. Number 5 is left.

Your task is to write a program that input two numbers (between 1 and 100), the first being n, the number of friends and the second is the number of words in rhyme. The output should be the number of the last person left.

where are i am waiting .......

where are i am waiting .......

Well, if you're waiting for someone to do your homework for you... you'll probably keep waiting.

Here's a hint, though. Use a loop that will continue to execute until you get to the last person.

Find a data structure than can hold the 'n' number of friends, iterate through one person each time the loop goes around, and every x times (the # of words), remove someone from your data structure.

- Walkere

i need more examples to understand more about that so plaese put some examples .

just remember, Google is your friend for questions like yours, no one will give you code here to help with homework