I am building a website for a recording studio - initially I anticipated having to embed some audio in the page that would stay playing through the whole site, I built an index/home page and used one of these deals:

switch ($_GET["id"])
case home:
  $id = "home";
case about:
  $id = "about";

There's a whole bunch more pages but you get the idea - I figured by keeping everything on the index page I could embed the audio there and it would stay playing, but when you click on a link the entire page refreshes displaying the new info and the audio starts over.

I found an xspf player with an &autoresume feature that if you embed it on every page the audio will resume where it left off on the last page, but it doesn't work when everything is on the same page. - to be clear - on the home (index) page - if I click an 'about' link it goes from
'index.php' to 'index.php?id=about' - it looks like you stayed on the index page but the page refreshed when you clicked and the audio started over instead of staying playing.

UPDATE: If anyone checks this - I put the xspf player on each of the included pages and when I switched from page to page the player resumed as promised, but it didn't work in IE.

I guess I could use frames if it's the only way, does anyone have any ideas on how to manage this with php?