I just paid someone to build a database script for me. I want to learn how to do it, however I guess I would need to know the correct name of the type of script first.

I operate a Job Posting site for EMT's and Paramedics. I had a HTML form I used that came to my email. I would then hand enter the data into a page on my site.

He made a new form (exactly like the one I had) that would post to the database. I would then log into a admin page and approve or disprove the posting.

When the person posted the job, each text box data would show on certain part pf the page where I used to hand enter them with html.


posting - http://www.fieldmedics.com/jobs/forms/postjob.htm

the data entered show in two locations

List of postings in each state - http://www.fieldmedics.com/jobs/view_job_postings.php?state=Alabama

and the posting itself - http://www.fieldmedics.com/jobs/view_job_details.php?id=25

He also set up a cron job that I will tackle when I figure the script out.

If anyone can help, please do so..

thanks in advance,


That's exactly how I learned php. I went line by line of applications that other people wrote, referring to php.net everytime I came across a function that I didn't know. At the time I also was aware of the basic concepts of programming. If you know those, then that's what I would recommend. Otherwise I would pick up a programming 101 book first, they have them in php.