I wish to make my javascript sources really difficult to study.
Don't suggest me those stupid "disable right click" tricks or so, I need code to be obfuscated (variables renamed, comments removed).
Please recommend me a javascript obfuscator for this. I found about 6 tools in search engines.
Among them, javascript obfuscator by stunnix looks most suitable to me. I didn't try it though.
Any ideas? What obfuscator do you recommend?

I can think of nothing that anyone could write in javascript that is not already freely available on the web. So I don't try to obfuscate my javascript.

If you are trying to protect your proprietary javascript code, and it's really that unique and special -- I doubt there is an obfuscator that can truly protect it form someone willing to put the time in to backwards engineer it.

If you are trying to hide sensitive data inside the javascript (passwords or database access data) DONT! There is no safe way to do this ... period.

Good luck

I recommend this: Javascript obfuscator. This tool prevents that by using various transformations and "traps", such as self-defending and debug protection.

@Ella_3 and crymari2 - I have found after 30+ years of software development and engineering that code obfuscation is only useful for code obfuscation contests. Don't waste your time. It will just make debugging much more difficult without the original source.

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