I'm creating a small application with a "mood generator" on it.
Basically, the user chooses a colour and a saturation, and this data is queried against a database to produce a sentence.
For example, choosing a deep red in a very pale shade might show "I'm really angry, but in a quiet way", or an intense green might give "I'm in tune with nature, and I REALLY love it".

So, the first problem is creating the colour chart. I'm using PHP, and I'd like to think that handcoding 216 web colours into a table could be avoided by using some sort of dynamic system.
I couldn't find an example, so if anyone knows one that would be hugely appreciated:S

Otherwise I'm looking at counting in hex, daunting indeed to this newbie. Of course, if I could do it by hue, saturation,brightness that would also be a considerable shortcut.

Any ideas?

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Thanks Buddy!
The link you gave goes some of the way to show how it might work in practce.
Unfortunately, as it's a working example, you can't really see the code. "View source" helps, but only shows the output, and you can't see if it is the output from a server of html.

Nevertheless, it looks as if it's a Yahoo UI Library widget, so i will look there.


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