I am building a JSP app running on Tomcat.
The app uses an Oracle backend for data management and things like passwords and so on.
There are several objects created by the app called cards. Each card will make use of different but similar groups of data, attributes of tables.
There will also be the capability of creating a new card with a new group of data.
I am assuming that this group of data will be accessed via an sql string but nothing is written in stone at this point except the technologies of jsp and Oracle.
Some of these sql strings will be VERY long.
Does anyone have any idea where I can store and manage these strings? Text files? Stored Procedures? CallableStatements?

What do you mean manage? What do you exactly want to do with the SQL statements? If you just want to save them, I'd just put them in a file. I don't see why though, unless you're not using the SQL statements. Maybe you can be a bit more specific.

Each card will use different attributes from different tables.
Each SQL string will select these attributes specific to the card.
When a new card is created, a new select statement will be created to identify which attributes this card will use.
That string will tell the jsp which fields to display on the page when the user selects a specific type of card. Then the user can add data, edit data, delete data, search through the data using drop down lists or print the data for a particular combination specific to that kind of card.
The reason I need to use these strings (I think) is that they are going to be different for every kind of card, and there is an infinite (within reason) number of card possibilities, and therefore an infinite number of attribute combinations.
So the sql strings themselves will be static but linked to a card type in the database, either as a very long string stored in the database, or as a path to a text file that holds the string, or possibly, as a callableStatement or stored procedure.
Does that explain?

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