hi every1..

im just starting with JSP..i run the jsp pages on a single machine using localhost:8080/examples/jsp/my pages...but what if i want to store my pages into some other directory n wish to access them then how can i do tht??is there any file wher ive to change the path or wht..

2) im using tomcat version 5.x..when i used version 4.x i used to get a command prompt when i used to start a tomcat server.but in 5.x it doesnt appear..when i used to check for my code like System.out.println("test statements"); it used to appear in the command prompt,...how can i test this in 5.x??

hoping to get a reply soon..


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In your installation of Tomcat under TOMCAT_HOME_DIRECTORY/webapps you can create new folders for your projects. Just don't forget to create WEB-INF folder with web.xml document. More on directory structure here


ya thts ok..
but is it possible to change the root directory??? like if ive to store my files on a " c:\ " itself n want to access it from there only..is it possible??? how it can be done??


I think it is possible to do, but in the 30 min search I was not able to find clear instructions, just hints on editing servlet.xml with some "context"

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