I've run the install for PHP 5.2.6 and been able to have PHP pages run successfully. My research has told me that PHP no longer includes the dll needed to connect to mySQL. I've run into a couple of problems on my system.

  1. Using phpinfo(), I can identify the extensions folder the installation is using, but cannot find the folder itself.
  2. i'm also running UniServer(on another port)

Can I get my IIS server to use the same PHP/mysql that is being accessed by Apache Server? Can I simply copy my mysql.dlls from my Apache installation to my IIS installation. (The version of PHP being run by Apache is 5.2.3 where (as I've already said) my PHP version being accessed by IIS is 5.2.6.

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In addendum to the above post. Because of the lack of a mysql connection, attempting to call a mysql function from this install causes the page to crash. Is there an error trapping routine that I can use to catch the error?


I wasn't as aware of the server set. However, my goal it to become skilled in as many server bases as possible.

I'm attempting to recreate on my local machine a web server that (should I choose to give its url out) supports IIS,ASP,PHP/mySQL, and ColdFusion.

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