Hi everyone.

I wondered whether you could help me. Basically i have a list of items in a table. Each item will have a hyperlink on it and i would like it to change the contents of an iframe i have on the page - which i guess means changing the src url. I am also guessing that the easiest way to do this will be javascript. I don't really want the page to refresh when the hyperlink is click just for the contents of the iframe to change which will probably be pure text so it won't take long.

If anyone has the code to do this that would be really helpful. I am not that confident with javascript to be honest so if you could make it as easy for me as possible that would be great!


Am very sorry to anyone who was going to answer. i should really look further into queries before posting them.

All you have to do to achieve set the target of the hyperlink to the name of the iframe.

for instance: <a href="iframe_test.html" target="iframe"></a> In this example the iframe code looks like this <iframe src="" name="iframe"/> Hope that helps anybody who looks at this in the future.

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