I know how to select the members who did not post for every topic.
I need to send an email every 24 hours to the members who did not post for every topic. Could you please help me?

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Why can't you use cron?

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Why can't you use cron?

without cron the only way would be from a page that is accessed from the web. You would probably have to keep a log of successful mail events and use an if statement in one of your more visited pages. In the if statement you would use the date() function and determine if the current time is past a specific time of day and that the current date is not found in the log. If that is the case, send the emails and write to log.

thanks for your suggestion ,i m also searching for the same
...i got it how to use that .
i just want to add a line that you can use database to store your last mail sent time or date

nice post......

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