I know that you might get mad at me for posting this here, but I CAN'T seem to get anyone's help elsewhere. I installed a simple attachment mod for a phpbb forum, and it's done something...I get these three errors:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/wizardso/public_html/programmingforums/attach_mod/attachment_mod.php:146) in /home/wizardso/public_html/programmingforums/includes/sessions.php on line 206

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/wizardso/public_html/programmingforums/attach_mod/attachment_mod.php:146) in /home/wizardso/public_html/programmingforums/includes/sessions.php on line 207

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: include_attach_lang() in /home/wizardso/public_html/programmingforums/includes/functions.php on line 290

I don't know what to do. Is there some way I can fix these errors?

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I don't have a simple fix answer for you, but.....it may help you to understand that errors and warnings that are output to your browser are indeed "browser output". There are a few things in PHP that you can only do BEFORE anything is output to the browser. For example, setting cookies. You can't set a cookie if you've already echo'd something to the browser. So consider your good code that sets a cookie then outputs the page to the browser. It should work fine. However, if you have a code error or warning before you set the cookie, that error or warning msg will be sent to the browser. So then, when the cookie tries to write, you'll get another error about browser output already being sent. Make sense?

So many times, the browser output error messages are not the real problem. They are just a consequence of an earlier error writing text to the browser. Fix the initial problem, and the others go away.

Of the 3 errors you posted, the one that I suspect is the function that cannot be found. Find out where that function is and why it is not available when your code needs it. Does it live in an include file that is not found by a previous include statement due to incorrect path or read privs?

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