I know a lot of vBulletin people view these forums, and some of the developers are Moderators here. So, the question is, would you guys ever convert over to ASP.NET? I'm not saying dump php, just run on two different systems.

If you guys did, I know you would make a serious amount of sales - just about every ASP.NET guy dreams about vB style forums of their application.

I hope the flame gods are good to me..

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I just upgraded my forums today from PHPbb to vBulletin, and first off, I love VB... :)

I can only imagine with the depth of the code involved in VB that it would take an entirely new group of programmers to shell out the time required to port VB over to any new system like ASP.... I'm not saying it's a bad idea, it would be a great one in my opinion, but man, the work involved, and possible options not being available cross-platform might be too troublesome for the devs.


Yup. Thats all I was thinking about. "If we add to the php version, its not a copy paste to the asp.net version" - implimenting new features could be a nightmare.

The best part about .NET is that we have the ability to write in many languages. I'm sure theres *something* close to PHP under the .NET umbrella that could ease things.

vB to asp.net, won't ever happen, but a hope I won't let go of ;-).

Might happen someday, but I will always be loyal to PHP and MySQL :D

..As will most people be ;-). I would love to congratulate you on 3.0.0 Gamma, it looks great guys.

The best part about .NET is that we have the ability to write in many languages. I'm sure theres *something* close to PHP under the .NET umbrella that could ease things.

I know. Insn't it that PHP could run on .NET, unstable. I think that the biggest problem would be the database witch i'm sure is very complicated just like any forum software! :P

Database development is very simple and quick in .NET. If the whole db side had to be rewritten, it could be done faster, and it would be able to support mutliple data sources (such as MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle).

Microsoft could easily create a PHP version for ASP.NET along with ColdFusion for ASP.NET (something I've always wanted). I'm sure the reason they don't is business related.

Hold the presses. We don't need vB anymore! Although its not everything vB is, its getting very close. And yes, to all the open source freaks, it's open source.

An "alpha" version is running at the test site: http://forums.asp.net/forums

nothing can come close to the power of vB atm :) not with out alot of devs and quite abit of time

That's good that they made it open source. The only reason why they make it is so they can say they have an open source product. They should make Windows open source. :cool: At least make VS.NET support PHP. I've seen a few extensions for VS.NET that support PHP but are weak. Microsoft is really the king for making GUIs/IDEs for development tools.

you are right ... vBulletin is powerful .. i hate asp.net now ... in this moment .. you know why ? .. NO Developer .. for Forums ..

I like the idea i mean the more platforms an app supports the more popular it would be but you could always run PHP as a CGI module under IIS?

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