I am trying to remove a session attribute from my app, currently i use the jstl tag remove to remove the attribute, this works in firefox when the browser is refreshed, but not in IE, so i then decided to use the session.removeAttribute method in a servlet that gets run before the application is viewed in the browser, and still no luck.

Does anyone have any idea how to remove the session attribute when IE is refreshed?


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:@ removing the session might not be my problem, i m not too sure what is exactly.

My app has and index page, and using ajax i navigate through to other pages, like a wizard section, my index page is never refreshed until i press the refresh page button.

I enter some values into teh first page of teh wizard, which is a jsp page, the details i entered is then set in a jsonObject in a servlet, which then redirects to another jsp page. When i write out teh jsonObject on teh jsp page it is correct(I can refresh the index page enter some new details, and the new details are displayed on that page), Now i then send that page to another servlet, and i write out teh jsonObject on that servlet, when i refresh and go through the process, in IE the first set of details i entered are being displayed in teh servlet page, while in FF the latest set of details are being displayed.

I dont know if this could be a setting in IE(i hope it is), or there is something wrong with my servlets.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


:$ Turns out it was just ajax and IE issue, so now everything is working great. just inserted a timeStamp to alll my ajax calls. :icon_smile:

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