Hi all,
I am designing a website related to news channel, in which i ve e-news, here i want everydays news to be updated,please can canbody help me i shud submit this before four o clk..

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u can use
<%include page = "some text file " %>
this would include the text of that file into the page... and you can update the news in that file of yours....

Hi, thanks. i should write code to take data from other website's webpage into this text file and then including this piece of code wat u ve given here in a JSP page right??? Can u please tell me how to connect my text file to others websites like NDTV's content to this text page?? please if u can??DO those ppl complain me for doing dat?? So can i borrow news from those sites??

i think we use RSS for news purposes...
so try to go for RSS....

whats RSS dont mind

k, i got it! but we shud pay for dat i think, is der any other way???

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