how to calculate the heigth,width and size of a image using javascript


<img src="abc.gif" name=myimg>

* document.myimg.width
* document.myimg.src

same syntax for:
border, complete, height, vspace, lowsrc, name, src, vspace, width


onAbort, onError, onKeyDown, onKeyPress, onKeyUp, onLoad

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if the image src is in a text box,then how to calculate width,height,Size of then image

this the code
from this path how to calculate the image height and width using javascript
Photo path:<input class="Message" id="filePicture" type="file" name="file" runat="server">

you can not.

this code is going to accept an image file which has not been posted to the server yet, nor is it running inside of the DOM.

If you had the image in your page <img src="blah.gif" name="abc"> then it would be accessable inside of the DOM.

There are PHP and Perl [etc] programs that can accept the posted images and determine the sizes...