hello guys

i have small proplem

i use macromedia dream weaver cs3 in developing application

but when write a js code with error , nothing happen - no message of the error line or any usual message like php-

quistion is ( is there any built in debugger in DW cs3 for JS and how to activate it)

and if not how to get a good one ( i use Microsoft Windows OS)

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This is probably not what you're after, but I use the Error Console in Firefox and that's the only debugging tool I use for either JavaScript or CSS ...

Just a thought


sorry for late replay but having little connection proplem.

for RichAppsConsult
this link is great it will help me alot

for nikesh.yadav
i used to do this but i think its areally hard way :)

thx all for your efforts.

for langsor
i use IE and i cant find "error console" in it

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