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How to convert any type of audio or video file in to an swf extension and play it in a browser. I have searched a lot on net but in vain:confused: . My last hope is this forum. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

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Hey Ansari,
Even Macromedia Flash converts few video files into .swf file. Follow the steps below:
1)Open a new blank flash file.
2)Goto File->Import->Import to Library
3)A wizard would open. Just browse for your video file.
4)Keep clicking next till the last window. (Ofcourse you can select the preferred skin and also you can set the quality of the .swf file to medium or high in one of the several windows in the wizard.if u dont want to change any of the default settings, just keep clicking next till the wizard completes.)
5)Then Flash automatically starts the conversion process.
6)Once the conversion process is done, goto File->Publish.It will ask for a destination folder reference where you want your .swf file to be created.
7)Finally flash creates .swf file along with 2 more supporting files (a .html file and another .swf file which basically supplies the skin that you chose in step 4). In future if you plan to use this .swf file in any website, you need to have all the supporting files(including the original video itself) in the same folder where the .swf file is placed.

Hope that helps.


You want to use WinFF. Free and easy.

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